What does it cost?

It boils down to $50 per hour. The 10 hour package is $499, 3 hours is $149 etc. If you need to be picked up we offer a pick up and drop off service from home or school for an additional 10% of the package price. That includes up to 10 miles away from our office in Tempe. If you live outside of the 10 mile ring call for special pricing.

How do we schedule?

You will be able to log into our system and see and book your own drive times. First however you need to call and register. Once we take payment and create your account, you will be provided with an email that has a link to our schedule. You must book your appointments 24 hour in advance. If you need to drive within that 24 hours, please call. Likewise, if you need to cancel, please give us at least 24 hours notice. We understand things happen and people get sick, but it is important that we have advance notice so that we don’t send out our Trainers. Being excessively late for an appointment or not showing up at all will be assessed a $25.00 late/ No-Show fee.

How do I schedule the road evaluation?

At the end of your 10 hour drive lessons, your trainer will make evaluation as to whether they feel like you are ready or not. Either they will sign you off for your road evaluation or strongly advise you to gain some more practical experience before you take the road evaluation. A school road test evaluater will not administer a road evaluation if the trainer does not recommend the student to be taking the road evaluation. That student is free to go to the MVD and take their road test if they wish. Our trainers non-recommendation is an internal function only and has nothing to do with the MVD policies.

What if I fail my drivers road evaluation?

Everyone has off days, and things happen. If you are not successful at passing the road evaluation on the first attempt, it is not the end of the world. If you would like to re-take your road evaluation at our school, you must complete at least a 1 hour remedial lesson with your trainer at a cost of $50. Once your trainer is confident you have been successfully trained, they will sign you off to re-take the evaluation. Normally the evaluater will only re-test on the deficient areas of the failed evaluation. They do however reserve the right to re-test on any other identifiable weak areas the student was weak in.

Do I have to re-take my drivers road evaluation at your school?

Absolutely not. If a failure occurs, the student is free to re-take the road evaluation at the MVD office only. The road evaluation can not be administered by a different third party driving school. Likewise the opposite is true. If you failed your road evaluation at another school or at the MVD, you can not take your road evaluation with us unless you complete at least 10 hours of driving with us.

I have my permit and a lot of driving experience. Can I just come down and pay for a couple hours with you and take my road evaluation with you?

No, unfortunately state law requires you drive with us a minimum of 10 hours before we are allowed to administer a road evaluation.

Can I book my 5, 2 hour lessons back-to-back over the course of 5 days to hurry up and get my license?

Yes and No. While there is legally nothing wrong with doing that, it is highly discouraged. Our syllabus is designed for you to have lots of driving practice between lessons to really practice what you have been learning with your instructor. Your trainer will advise you if they think you should space out your lessons more. NOTE: Remember, if you are under 18, you must have your permit for a minimum of 6 months before you are even qualified to take your road evaluation.

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