Behind the Wheel

Our Driving Trainers are professionals and have a GENUINE CONCERN for traffic safety. Learning to drive will be a pleasant and positive experience with Freedom Driving Academy. We offer home, work, or school pick up and return.  Lessons are given every day of the week. The trainer will conduct the lesson according to the student’s skill level and per the driving syllabus.

$499.00.  This is 5, two hour lessons. ***Includes Road Evaluation***

$299.00. This is 3, Two hours lessons

$149 .00. This is 1, three hour lesson * Weekends only unless instructors schedule permits. Great for road test preparedness evaluation.

$50 per hour of training. Can be bought for specific training or remedial practice. If a road evaluation failure occurs, at least 1 hour of remedial training is required before another road evaluation will be administered.

A simple 10% surcharge to any one of our driving packages. This includes up to 10 miles away from our office in Tempe. If you require pick up from outside the 10 mile ring, call for adjusted pricing.

The new standard in driving excellence–Arizona’s leader in driving instruction.


Address: 9855 S. Priest Dr.
Unit 102
Tempe, AZ 85284

Phone: (480) 418-7385
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